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“Magnetic Real Estate Photography” ePackage

Everything you need in one essential package at a great price!


Magnetic Real Estate Photography – ebook, all 127 pages!
Real Estate Photography Teleseminar – mp3, 1 hour long!
Marketing your Home – ebook, 21 pages to save on staging costs!
Carla’s Camera Companion – ebook, 21 pages of great camera tips!

Retails for $40.96

Save Over 40%!!

Price: $40.96

Cooking With Sin

Gourmand International Winner!
Best Books USA Finalist!
Canada Cuisine Nominee!

Available in e-book PDF format also.

“Cooking With Sin: Great Recipes Dipped in Alcohol & Wrapped in a Wonderful Story!” is new unique cookbook that EVERYONE will love. The phrase started with my Mennonite grandmother and that story & recipe is the first one I share in the book.

You will read wonderful stories and get recipes with everything from wine to vodka to home made brew in them. All tested! All double-thumbs-up approved! All photographed!

Makes a unique gift!

FREE BONUS GIFTS worth over $50! More recipes, more tips, more stories!  Buy your copy now & enjoy the Free BONUS GIFTS right away.

Read about the FREE BONUS GIFTS. Click here.

NOTE:  If you purchased a copy at a store or an event, the link to the BONUS gifts is on the last page.


Cooking With Sin — The E-Book

The price is going up soon!! Get the e-book while it’s CHEAP!!

All the beautiful photos, wonderful stories and tested recipes. It’s everything the 232 page book has in a pdf. PLUS the Bonus Gifts too! It’s a package worth over $80.00 and get it all today for $14.99 – for now!

Easy to buy. Easy to upload. Easy to use. No shipping! No waiting! Paper-free!

*Tip: This PDF looks best on screen in 2-page format, so you can see the two-page photo spreads.

Price: $19.95

Magnetic Property Photos – 1 hour Teleseminar

Listen in while Carla and Robin spend an hour openly sharing their tips and advice on selling a home. Too many online real estate ad photos turn buyers away and too many sellers and agents don’t know it. Spend an hour with Carla and Robin and get the edge on the competition!


Magnetic Real Estate Photography – ebook

Your ad photos are a 24/7 open house. The “sell” takes place online now. People shop in their pyjamas on their couches with the glow of their laptops and expect to find a lot of information, both written and visual. They are misinformed by poor quality photos. Uninspired, they move on to the next ad. Let me help you learn how to take ad photos that attract buyers and tenants like a MAGNET!

Price: $24.99

Marketing Your Home – ebook

Let Carla’s advice save you $$ on staging costs. She has done all the thinking for you! Right now  buyers out looking for a place just like yours. If you take the time and do the work necessary, you will get their attention.

21 pages include:

• Insider Marketing *Secrets* Used by Top Sellers
• Carla’s “3 Rules of Home Selling”
• Photos: Your 24/7 Open House
• Special message to Messy Home Owners
• Checklists to help you prep EVERY room in the house
• Getting The House Ready to Sell Quickly for Top Dollar!
• And much more…!

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