Stepping Out!

Several years ago I set out to reinvent my life. Too much time spent in the comfort zones had limited my life’s options. I committed to start something new and I nervously put my dreams down in writing. Yes, writing down my dreams made me nervous.

While scrambling the letters in the word “reinvent” and I found “tin nerve.” When we step out on the skinny branches of life, we don’t have nerves of steel, we step out with nerves of tin, but we step out anyway. Those two words continue to motivate me and “TINNERVE” is on my license plate.

I am inspired by many things in life and my goal is to help others expand their horizons too. I may be 6′ 2″, but I can tell you…

“Life is too short to be small” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

May you step out on your own skinny branch, even if you have nerves of tin!


Carla Johnson, Cooking With Sin, Magnetic Real Estate Photography


Magnetic Real Estate Photography

Taking the front line of real estate home advertising to a whole new level. Written to help agents with amateur photography skills learn quickly how to improve their ad photos. You can attract buyers and tenants like a MAGNET!

Discover How to Take Photos that Powerfully Attract People to Your Property!

Cooking With Sin

Gourmand International Winner! Best Wine Book – Canada!
USA Best Books Finalist!
Cuisine Canada Cookbook Award nominee!

Inspired by something my Mennonite grandmother once said, I am changing how recipes with alcohol are shared by adding the personal stories that are always part of sharing food. It is about feeding our bodies & souls and having a little fun along the way.

Great Recipes Dipped in Alcohol and Wrapped in a Wonderful Story!