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Mom, Wife, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Educator, Musician, Photographer, Real Estate Investor, Lover of Road Trips and a few other hats.

After many years of teaching young people and encouraging them to pursue their dreams, Carla was faced with the reality that while she had a wonderful career, there were dreams she hadn’t garnered the courage to pursue. She asked herself, “How can I encourage young people to reach for the stars when I don’t really know how to do that myself?” That question lead to her “Tin Nerve” mantra, which she shares on her Home page, and then to several projects.

“Cooking With Sin” was inspired by a memory of her Mennonite grandmother. When her grandmother caught her mom adding red wine to a pan of chicken cacciatore, she scolded, “Cooking with sin, are we?” It led to the blog www.CookingWithSin.com where several people shared their recipes with alcohol and their personal stories. It’s all about feeding the body and the soul and having a little fun along the way!

Her book “Magnetic Real Estate Photography” is a natural result of her talents, her vocation and her passions. As a real estate investor and photographer, she has seen firsthand how just a little extra time and effort can enhance an image to magnetically attract a buyer or tenant. Her photos of her own home helped sell it in less than 2 days, with 4 competing offers, in the depths of a recession.

Carla lives in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. On her holidays, if she is not on a beach in a warmer climate, she is entertaining on the deck of her family log cabin. Her cabin is near Lake Huron and is a true get-away. It is off-grid and has no cell service.

If you have the opportunity to meet Carla in person, you will be struck by her outgoing flamboyant personality and her 6’2” statuesque height. She loves public speaking, stage work and performing. Carla is passionate about life and helping people get ahead.

Don’t ask what the world needs
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is
People who have come alive.
~ Howard Thurman

Cooking With Sin: Great Recipes Dipped in Alcohol and Wrapped in a Wonderful Story!

Carla believes everyone lives an extraordinary life, though most of us think our lives are ordinary. While collecting people’s recipes she was struck by the profound stories that accompanied each recipe.  Many times while she is collecting submissions for “Cooking With Sin” www.CookingWithSin.com she has hears, “Carla, I have a great recipe with alcohol in it, but it doesn’t have a story. It’s something I cook because…..” and out comes a wonderful story.

Cooking With Sin has turned out to be a truly amazing collection and a community effort.

“Cooking With Sin” won the award for Best Wine Book for Canada, in the prestigious Gourmand International’s “World Cookbook Awards.”


Carla Johnson Cooking With Sin Magnetic Real Estate Photography

Magnetic Real Estate Photography

As a real estate investor, Carla regularly looks at the online listings and has been surprised by the excessive number of poor online property ad photos. She is concerned that real estate professionals do not

understand how crucial their photos are to their business. Pictures are the front line, the *sell*, in all real estate advertising and in this business, first impressions are everything.

Many real estate professionals are amateur photographers who don’t know how to take effective shots and too many listings have photos that turn people away. Taking RE photos is fairly simple and you only need simple equipment, you just need to know how to use what you have – especially your EYES!

The power of a simple photo to connect to a person’s soul has always intrigued Carla. With her first book “Magnetic Real Estate Photography,” she wants to bring that power to the one business likely posts more images online than any other business – real estate.


Carla Johnson Author Educator SpeakerBravo Group

Carla enjoys the lofty title of VP Corporate Affairs for the Bravo Group, a collaborate multi-talented group of entrepreneurs who provide expertise and cutting-edge business solutions to generate substantive growth within small and medium sized enterprises. It is a collaborative atmosphere where the  members work together to find creative and unique options.

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Thank you for checking out the site. May you find something inspiring and helpful here.

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  1. Paul Roorda permalink

    Hi Carla,
    Had fun looking at your website again. Lot’s of Cooking with Sin entries that I’ve missed. By the way, happy birthday. Hope you had a great day. And now you are enjoying your long weekend.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Steve, and Daren soon.

  2. Pauline Phibbs permalink

    Sure enjoyed watching your interview! I guess there wouldn’t be many family recipes that would fit into your cookbook “Cooking with Sin” even from Grandma Johnson or Grandma Phibbs because alcohol couldn’t be found in their houses (unless it was for medicinal purposes). Vern was 1 yr. old when the Phibbs and the Johnsons headed to Ontario from Saskatchewan and he has often wondered what they ate and prepared along the way. He always said his Mom could make a meal for 12 out of nothing and it tasted good! You sure come across as having a wonderful warm personality…and I dearly loved your Grandma Johnson who Vern remembers so fondly. He said she was the only woman he knew who could bawl you out for some shennanigans that he and Uncle Bill would get into and ask them if they were hungry at the same time. Keep on doing what you’re doing so well.

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