“I.S.S.” Music Monday May 6, 2013

by Carla Johnson on April 11th, 2013

Carla Johnson Chris Hadfield Barenaked Ladies Ed Robertson ISS I.S.S. International Space Station

As many know, my day job is teaching Music to middle schoolers, Grades 7 & 8. It’s an awesome age. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This morning there was a surprise change of events. I woke up to hear that the schools were all closed because of an impending ice storm. Yes, that’s right. An ice storm in April. Wonders never cease to amaze.

So, with my newly acquired day I decided to work on our taxes. It’s a mundane job we all have to do and ours is just a bit more complicated than most as my husband and I have a few investment properties along with my book adventures that require extra paperwork this time of year.

As I worked my way through the files, it struck me that today would be a good day to get more familiar with the song for Music Monday this year. If you are Canadian, you may know about the organization Music Makes Us. Each year they feature a brand new song that people across the country are invited to learn and sing all at the same time. It is a special and powerful event that connects us across this vast and diverse land.

This year’s theme is “Fill the Skies with Music” and the tune was co-written by two great Canadians: Commander Chris Hadfield, our beloved – and multi-talented – Canadian astronaut working on the International Space Station and Ed Robertson, lead singer of the Bare Naked Ladies. How cool is that! The song is called “Is Somebody Singing” and it shares the initials I.S.S., with the International Space Station.

Back in February a video was released of the two of them performing the song together with a youth choir. Today I spent the afternoon today listening to and watching it over and over… and over again in preparation for Music Monday coming up on May 6th. This year’s Music Monday is going to be especially exciting as Chris Hadfield will be singing with us by a live feed from the International Space Station at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time, the time we are all scheduled to be performing across the country.

Yes, “Let’s fill the skies with music!”

So sing your song I’m listening
Out where stars are glistening
I can hear your voices bouncing off the moon.
If you could see our Nation
From the International Space Station
You’d know why I want to get back soon.

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