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by Carla Johnson on November 18th, 2012

There is a common saying “time will tell” and it is so true. Seven years ago I met Darcelle Runciman through REIN, a network for real estate investors. At the time I was simply a dreamer hoping to buy a couple of properties and find my way into the entrepreneurial world. Darcelle was a business woman working on acquiring more skills for her properties & her projects.

Today, both Darcelle and I are well entrenched in the rental property business, plus we have both published books that have acquired some renown and more ventures are on the horizon. Her recipe “Sisterhood” Maple Rum Crêpes is featured in my blog and the print edition of Cooking With Sin.

I have a deep appreciation for Darcelle and her spirit, so when she announced she was launching Infinity Magazine, a publication focused on wellness, travel and all things good for the soul, I happily jumped on board.

Tomorrow all the Infinity Magazine contributors are walking the red carpet at Cindy Ashton’s Speaker Stardom Launch Party to feature the magazine and meet for the first time. It’s going to be great fun! I just know it!

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Let the adventure begin! Where it leads… time will tell!

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  1. Ooooo Carla!! Infinity Magazine totally rocks. And I am just so thrilled that you are part it.

    What a blast we will have tonight walking the red carpet… posing… networking… playing… learning!

    See you there Superstar!

  2. And your launch last night rocked too, Cindy!! Awesome evening! Thank you for beautifully combining inspiration with practical real-world knowledge.

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