How Do You Learn?

by Carla Johnson on November 10th, 2012

Many of you know that while I work hard on promoting my books and projects at night, I am a passionate teacher by day. I have been teaching Grade 7 & 8 students for … a long time, but they still intrigue and challenge me every day. They may exhaust me, but I just adore them.

While my university training was in Music and I love teaching Music, and everything Arts-based, I am often asked to teach English and other core subjects too. At the start of each year I give my students a questionnaire to find out what kind of learner they are, plus I like to find out what area they are especially strong in – multiple intelligences. With every class, I work to see each student as unique in how they learn. Each of us comes into this world with our own distinctive strengths and abilities and this infographic might help you better understand yourself or the young ones in your life.

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My next post “What Kind of Smart Are You?” builds nicely on this one with two infographics about multiple intelligences.

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