The Photo That Helped Stop a War

by Carla Johnson on June 24th, 2012

In 1972 Nick Ut was a 21 year old photographer in the middle of the Vietnam war. He had wished he could take a photo that would stop the Vietnam War, then he captured 9 year old Kim Phuc and her friends running to get away from the burning pain of a napalm attack on her village. The chemicals had evaporated the clothing off her body. “I knew the photo was terrible right away,” he later said.

Carla Johnson

Nick poured water on Kim and got her medical attention. The two have maintained a close connection over the years and to this day she calls him her hero.

Kim now lives just outside Toronto in the city of Ajax and Nick lives in Los Angeles. Recently they were reunited at an event in Toronto. More details of Kim’s amazing life story are in an article by The Toronto Star.

Kim Phuc & Nick Ut

It has been said, “a picture paints a thousand words.” This 1972 Vietnam war photo changed a thousand hearts.


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