Now is the Time to Dance Footloose Upon the Earth

by Carla Johnson on May 26th, 2012

Nunc est bibendum, nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus.
“Now is the time to drink, now the time to dance footloose upon the earth.”
~ Horatio

A co-worker of mine recently lost her dear friend. The two of them had been like sisters since childhood and her loss is profound. In my note to her this morning I tried my best to convey the warmth of a hug in words and her response put it so well, “I have nothing but wonderful memories. I just wanted to make many more.”

There are a number of scientists in my life and they bring a wonderful perspective to life and death. My daughter recently shared this link with me and it is sweetly comforting if you have lost a loved one. “You Want a Physicist to Speak at Your Funeral.

After sending my note this morning, I came across this image of Richard Dawkins, a renowned scientist. His thoughts certainly affirm the privilege it is to have life.

Listen to Richard Dawkins “We Are Going To Die

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