Get Your Website Noticed – 8 Steps Infographic

by Carla Johnson on May 12th, 2012

Want to know where your site really ranks in Google? Don’t waste your time googling it. Search engines are now personalized, so your site will rank deceivingly high in your search. And yes, I’m using google as a verb.

Instead you will need to get someone in another part of the world to google it – someone you have never met, someone who leads a very different lifestyle & has never been on your site before. While their search will give you a better indication, it still won’t be accurate.

There are other more accurate methods, but it still takes quite an effort to find your natural, unpaid ranking. And with tens of thousands of new sites popping up every day, it is constantly changing. Your bigger and more important job is to make sure your site is doing all it can to get noticed.

Not sure where to begin? Here are the basic things you need to understand and navigate.

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 Carla Johnson

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