My Photos, Not Yours!

by Carla Johnson on March 5th, 2012

Recently on ActiveRain there was a discussion about whether or not to let visitors take photos during open houses. With phone cameras and digital cameras so common, people often don’t think twice about it.

Some agents felt it wasn’t an issue and could be advantageous so buyers would be thinking about the home long after they left. I can see that point, but other agents felt there was a security issue for the home owner. You don’t want people photo documenting the valuables in the home and it can be difficult to follow the visitor around to ensure they are respecting that. 

Carla Johnson Magnetic Real Estate Photography

As a photographer I know the power of an image. Photos linger in peoples’ minds long after the written words have been forgotten. Great images powerfully attract great business. Poor images powerfully repel great business.

With that power in mind, I advise extreme caution about letting visitors take photos at an open house. It can be a liability risk. 

Someone looking to get a lower price could document flaws in the home (cracks in windows, water damage in the foundation…) or in rare cases, they could create the damage, photograph it and use it against you. Many hospitals don’t permit photographs for that very reason. People pull tubes out, take photos and then sue for neglect.

If you have done your job well, you have put up as many photos as you are allowed and you will make sure they are awesome photos. Yes, agents with amateur photo skills can take awesome ad pics. It is not hard. Trust me.

You will also have a beautiful full-colour brochure full of photos. Plus you would be wise to provide a disk of your awesome photos for anyone you see taking their own shots.

Think about this. You want to be in charge of your marketing. After they leave, you want them looking at YOUR photos & YOUR promotional material. You are protecting your client & your business.

Happy Snapping!

Carla Johnson Magnetic Real Estate Photography

Carla Johnson Magnetic Real Estate Photography


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