“Real Estate Riches” by Tahani Aburaneh

by Carla Johnson on January 1st, 2012

BIG Congratulations to my friend and fellow Cambridgian, Tahani Aburaneh who has just released her new book “Real Estate Riches.”

Tahani is a real estate agent who specializes in working with investors, helping them find properties that fit their portfolio and will work well for their money. This is a unique skill that few agents have and investors absolutely need.

In her book, Tahani shares her personal journey from spending her teen years in a refugee camp & entering an arranged marriage while young to eventually establishing her own successful businesses here in Canada, all on her own. Her story is truly inspiring and will leave you believing more in yourself.

PLUS! 100% of the royalties go to help other women around the globe with www.Care.org.

Here’s a clip from the foreword of the book written by Don R. Campbell, Canada’s leading expert and author of several best-selling real estate investing.

When I came out with my first book, Tahani was one of the first people to congratulate me. She always goes out of her way to support other women entrepreneurs. I am sincerely pleased to pass those congratulations right back to her.

Take a look at Tahani’s business KeyConnexions: Connecting Key People Together http://www.keyconnexions.ca/

Way to go Tahani!!

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