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by Carla Johnson on March 7th, 2011

There are very few agents and other real estate professionals who understand the power of the aesthetic. Most real estate ad photos are deplorable. Most ad photos send people on to the next listing. And the biggest reason is because most real estate professionals have no idea! They don’t know their ad photos are bad.

It is a sister to staging. I like to get together with stagers because we bring the same strengths to the business of selling homes. We know how to attract buyers to properties faster and get the properties sold for more $$.

Here is a beautiful example. Paul Reynolds and I have chatted back and forth via Twitter and LinkedIn for the past year. Paul has a superb understanding of the importance of ad photos. He gets it that they are the front line of marketing. He gets it that ad photos will do one of two things: draw people in or send them away.

Paul just put his home in Vancouver BC up for sale. Take a look at his photos. He let the stagers do what they do best and he hired a professional real estate photographer to do what he did best. It worked! This listing is spectacular! Good luck with your sale Paul!



See the full listing here:

On an interesting side note, the beautiful staging was done by Heather Kleim, of Epic Empire Designs. It just so happens that Heather also contributed to my latest book “Cooking With Sin.”  Don’t you love it when you are reminded just how small the world is?!

  1. I’m thrilled to see you’ve written about Paul’s listing, isn’t it fabulous? Paul and his lovely wife Liza were such a treat to work with and the outcome speaks for itself. With Vancouver’s market being as hot as it is right now, I’m certain this listing won’t last long. Great post!

  2. Carla Johnson permalink

    Heather! Paul told me today that you did the staging. You did a fantastic job! What a small small world! I’m going to add your link to the post too.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, Carla! I was so pleased to hear that not only did you know Paul but that you had blogged about his listing. I love these small world stories too!

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